Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Goal Dreams

Hi everyone!
Question: Will you consider going to work in Africa? Why?


Shola said...

Interesting question...
1) Absolutely - especially if all I have to do is consider it :), but really I do consider going back.

2) I will like to go back for the following reasons
a) Impact - I believe I can have more impact from a professional standpoint
b) Double bottom line - I believe business in general and my work in particular, can change lives
c) Fulfillment because I will be helping my people my society - which I can't fully experience elsewhere, since I was born in Africa
d) On a personal level, I (hope)to be able to more easily break the glass ceiling and discrimination
e) Better probability of becoming a rule maker as opposed to a rule taker. Working in Africa could potentially be a better rat race.

t said...

I want to go to. I believe I can definitely have a much greater impact. We all believe that work should solve a problem. Also believe I would raher have impact there than in Northern California (which I'm not entirely comfortable with, shouldn't I care equally about people - but I guess the reason is I feel like the people here are already fed, so I'm more motivated to help feed their hungry siblings - food in a figurative sense.)
On a personal level, I'm so tired of America.
There it is - we have the same reasons for wanting to go home. To be prudent, I'll like to have a few cents saved (not many) and will like to have a plan for what I'm going to do when I get there (looking for a job will not be one of them.) I also suspect it'd be good to do it gradually, starting with actually going home on holiday, which is a big hassle because of the visa issue. Looks like a cycle, but not one that's impossible to get out of.

t said...

Glad to hear from you again, Shola. thanks for your comment.

Patricia M. Daboh said...

I definitely want to go to Africa to work during my summer vacations. Since I am a Business Education teacher, I have the entire summer off, two weeks for Christmas, one week for Spring break and all holidays (with pay). I desire to make a contribution in peoples's lives there. I am continuing to work on my Masters of Business Administration with a concentraton in Entrepreneurship, and I would love to teach a course about starting your own business. In addition, I teach computer software, and I would love to teach that as well. I obserbved, many are exposed to using IM or internet in cafes, but the computer seems to be a luxury item in Africa (at least in the area I visited), and I do not know how many know how to use Micrsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and other programs. I have many dreams of returning to Nigeria with my Nigerian husband and sharing my expertise in order to help others.

Jumobi said...

I would def go back to Africa. By God's grace i sould work in the UN or AU. Then retire and live in Nigeria.

Kum said...

francophone africa would be nice... :)

taiwo otits said...

ill love to go back to africa, to help with the tourism section(casinos, more movie theatres,hotels, a spa and tan spa etc).. also help the children, i love children so much....want to help the less priveledge...if you have the same interest plssss in touch with me

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