Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memoirs in work life

The job search
Friday, May 25, 2007
02:15 PM

A friend taught me about persistence. Keep calling until you get what you want. I'm trying this.

Game plan, sort of
Saturday, May 5, 2007
09:04 PM

From now on, I'll only internet twice a week: on Mondays and Fridays. That includes blog browsing, news browsing, email. I'll make exceptions for blog posting occasionally, for building things online, and for short, specific purposes.

Inspired by "The 4-hour workweek," I crave time to do other things, such as go out, learn languages, be active, make money, meet people, etc. If I don't stop being stuck, I won't be the liberated chica I want to be.

My search for a job
Friday, May 4, 2007
05:52 AM

In retrospect, it started out haphazardly, but is converging towards truth. I am very happy about this progress. I have given it the time and effort it takes, without rushing prematurely to aggressively take opportunities.
Nowadays, my desire is for work in electric power and energy.
The trouble with PG&E is location - it's not new enough, and so far from Africa and the Middle East, where I want to be.
EDF is a better idea, since it's based in France, which is a new and fascinating place in a more central location six hours from Lagos or Aden by air, with more vacation weeks, as well as incentives to master French. The only downsides are non-tropical weather, likely not enough weeks for travel, and possibly lower income. With winter clothing, luck, and negotiation, I can handle these problems.

by storm
Friday, Apr 27, 2007
12:32 AM

What's new and exciting?
business connections

Here's the deal: it will sign up thousands of small and very small businesses to use the internet. At the rate of 10-30 new sign-ups a day, it'll take at least a month to get 1000 new customers. If there are vagabond sign-ups, that rate could be higher. Vagabonds include individuals signing up on their own without using our consultants (for video and text representation) as well as those using independent consultants who may charge a fee.
I like the theory, building business ecosystems, as in "chop I chop." This is one definition of sustainability, if other people's business plans support your survival rather than threaten it.


umc said...


t said...

I just had one of those days of labour that should have been outsourced per The 4-hour Work-week. I was doing internet research aka searching for things in google. Was successful, but it took a about 12 hours hunched over a computer.

Tomorrow I want to go and enjoy myself at a park, but it will take a struggle to do it, because there are job-finding activities to do.

taiwo otits said...


t said...

Love you too, Taiwo. YOU're the best.

t said...

10 reasons you should never get a job by Steve Pavlina is required reading.

t said...

What's fun now: (almost) starting to use Ruby On Rails.
What not: The nervous job hunt - because other people are getting nervous on my behalf.

t said...

In the words of Jim Buckmaster, from interview
"I kept quitting in the face of adversity until I found something I loved doing, after which point all obstacles became surmountable. I quit medical school and a few jobs. If you're in a job you don't like, almost anything can seem insurmountable. Conversely, if you are in a job you like, obstacles start to look small. At Craigslist it feels like we're doing something positive for society."

t said...

I'm applying for a job for which my work mission statement could easily be to: "Increase the value of health spending by employing the latest research and technology to increase quality while reducing costs," one of the policy proposals (verbatim) on General Wesley Clark's PAC website:

Also in the process for three other jobs.

It's great to have a meaningful mission driving one's work.

t said...

FPL: compared with EDF - better weather. Also, typical for US vs. Europe are: less vacation, farther from Middle East and Africa, and higher income.

t said...

The Nigerian "business ecosystems" project never got off the ground.
Visit to get an idea of the kind of services I had in mind. In terms of look and feel, it should be like youtube, video dominating and SO EASY to use, and in terms of purpose, it should be alibaba - an efficient e-business hub.

I'm not particularly suited to building this; I can list many people better suited to it than I. For one thing, how much do I know about information systems/software/databases?

Still there's a need, and I'll think of THE EASY WAY to do this: like by pugging into other applications or something.

Okey doke.

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