Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Communications Satellite: what does this mean?

From BBC news

China launches Nigerian satellite
China has successfully launched a communications satellite for Nigeria.

The official Xinhua news agency says it is the first time that a foreign buyer has purchased both a Chinese satellite and its launching service. The Nigerian Communication Satellite NIGCOMSAT-1 is expected to offer broadcasting, phone and broadband internet services for Africa.

China beat 21 other bidders in 2004 for the $311m contract to launch the satellite, Xinhua says. The satellite, lofted by a Long March 3-B rocket, is expected to reach its final position later this year and to remain in operation for 15 years. The launch is being portrayed as part of a drive to enhance rural access to technology and the internet and boost Nigeria's and Africa's knowledge economy.

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What does this news mean?


umc said...

it means a lot of investment opportunities; primarily in the internet and telephone service sector.

DonCasiragi said...

Can they map that crazy Lagos..Nigerian yahoo or google? If Lagos is mapped- imagine how much productivity can be squeezed out of the endless traffic going no where, stopping in the middle of no where to ask for directions. Internet is ubiquitous enuf in Nigeria's economic capital to justify this use of our new satellite technology

Patricia M. Daboh said...

I enjoyed reading this article, for better technology and internet connection from the rural areas to the cities in Africa is very much needed. Some of my Nigerian husband's brothers live in very remote areas, and communication is very poor. Recently (this week) their father died, and they were not able to inform one brother due to communication problems. And, yes, as the article stated poverty and other major issues (sparadic electricity) do exist, but China is just tackling this particular problem. No one can fix all the issues with Nigeria overnight. I think this is a "great" thing.

t said...

Is Africa Ready for E-Business?
related post on Max's blog with lot of good links on telecom infrastructure.

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