Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Number

People are would seem that some people actually like the hustle, wondering aloud "what would you do everyday if you didn't have to work?"

What would YOU do? Read these stories from the nineties about dot-com boomers' retirement.

Some people can easily visualize a point beyond which more money wouldn't make them happier, while some continue to strive for more.

Read these Silicon Valley stories...and weigh in about The Number. Thanks.


t said...

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Dayo said...

I have know mine number for 3 years now. It doesnt get easier to get to, however I know I am making progress. The question is what will you do to make the number?

t said...

Some combination of: earn, save, invest, be lucky, avoid high taxes, insure against catastrophe, ...
This is One way to skin a cat.

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