Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Do you love school? Hate school?

An opinion from The Case Against College, by Linda Lee:
Here is who belongs in college: the high-achieving student who is interested in learning for learning's sake, those who intend to become schoolteachers and those young people who seem certain to go on to advanced degrees
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Well, what do you think? Should almost everyone go to university? Why or why not? What do you love most about school?


ChinMan said...

Well, I believe College is not for everybody. What college does in most cases is to instill in you discipline that you might not have experienced in High School and for most people who choose to go to College based on their own decision, it leads them to a better life by teaching them skills and attributes that will prepare them for a career of their dreams. The case can be made that, you can probably learn most of what you learn in College outside of College and in some cases you probably dont need to learn any of the garbage they teach you in College to be successful, I would buy that point to an extent. I would argue that College based on my experience is an important tool for me to learn more and understand the skills and attributes that I would require to be successful in my chosen career; to work on hands on activities that are intellectually stimulating, realistically applicable, and academically fulfilling; and above all to meet the standard requirement that society requires for me to have to be be considered credible and respected as an expert in my field of practice.

t said...

Do you really need to study Fashion Design to succeed in the Fashion Industry?

Concepts and Story Boards, Life and Figure Drawing,


Garment Construction, Pattern Making, Textile Studies,

History of Fashion,

Textile Studies, Technical Drawing, etc.

These are the all too familiar courses fashion design students d.r.e.a.d... and love to hate... but have no choice really...READ WHAT SHE THINKS HERE...

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