Thursday, August 02, 2007

Targeted Job Fair in Houston in November

Thanks, Bowale, for the tip.


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this is nice and interesting

Anonymous said... has a pretty good Houston Job Fairs page to

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Review of the Career Fair, by ChinMan:
The event was fun and enlightening for me. I had a few reservations about the event though, in terms of the organization and implementation.

First, the evening of the networking kind of sucked as the room was cramped and the general atmosphere did not make or welcome proper networking, to make matters worse a reception should involve food not just white and red wine, anyway.

Then, the subsequent so-called lunched were turkey or ham sandwiches that were neither filling or tasteful and did not fit what I expected a seminar hosted and co-sponsored by such multi-nationals as Chevron, GE, Exxon, Shell, etc.

Then, it was unfortunate that the summit did not do a good job of first of all pre-screening individuals and providing them with enough info about the requirements and expectations of the companies, also the students were not made aware of the skills and talents the specific companies were looking for in their job description. For example some companies were recruiting only for their home countries which made some other companies exempt for consideration.

While they had a good mix of companies, I believe they could have done better and gotten a stronger pool of candidates if they diversified the companies to include not just oil & gas, power, banking, mining and manufacturing but also companies or institutions relating to academia, health care, international relations and development, consulting, construction, business development solutions, IT, etc.

Also opening up the summit to recruit even people that are not from the diaspora including African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, etc, just to widen slightly the pool of candidates.

Besides all this the summit was good. I enjoyed specifically the opportunity to network with like minded individuals who have a vision and plan to go back home to do something or contribute to development.

It also gave me an opportunity to discover the opportunities that exist and are available in Africa and what I should start doing in order to be a more competitive candidate.

I was able to secure an interview with one of the companies...they work in manufacturing and marketing fertilizers, this I guess is closest to International Development as you can get...I circulated your resume as much as I could
(THANK YOU)...Some companies were not taking resumes either because they were not taking Nigerians or they were not taking resumes of people who were not invited to the summit.

Thanks, Chinedu.

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