Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OLPC in Nigeria: One Laptop Per Child

They're really laptops, and I want some. On the website, there are testimonials by Nigerian children users. You can donate here to OLPC ($200 = 1 laptop to a child)

As for actually getting one, their laptop.org site is driving me crazy...I'm like where's the shop, the "pay" button? Only God knows...so much talk, just sell the things.


imnakoya said...

These are for kids and not meant to be bought, I think.

Fausset said...

i know this is totally random but i think the child in the pix looks like me.....lol....this is kehinde btw.... tosin look at the pix tho...lol

t said...

Yep, although they had an offer around Christmas last year, which I thought was great. You could buy one and give one but now it's not running anymore. Puzzling because it accomplishes the goal of getting the children's laptops paid for.

Kehinde, maybe that was the attraction subconsciously.

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