Friday, May 09, 2008

Portable MP3 players

Why do people happily pay loads of cash for the i-things (iPod, iPhone,...?) It's not the sound quality or skip resistance, not that white earphones are better than black ones, or that ppl love to shuffle their little mp3 files.
It's just the "cool", the marketing. Right?
I guess Steve Jobs is the master of razzle-dazzle. Who else rocks at this game?

Slowly learning to add flash to substance are the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) people, led by Nick Negroponte and in need of a "selling" genius. Maybe they'll succeed.

I want an OLPC, or three, or ten.
I don't really want an i-whatever (except at the clearance sale prices)
At the moment Apple will sell you a walkman or a phone for money that OLPC wishes you would pay for the whole computer.


t said...

Donald Trump regularly sells "air."

Virgin's Sir Richard Branson is certainly more likeable. he also loves a good marketing gimmick.

Both have had seriously educational reality shows: The Rebel Billionaire, and of course The Apprentice.

Fausset said...

i personally want an ipod not because everyone has it, just to keep me company, for instance if am travelling from dc to newyork, you need to keep ur ears or if am on the subway, or if am trying to ignore pple i dont feel like sayin hi to..and of course to listen to music.

t said...

It's "Metro" not "Subway" - you're becoming such a New Yorker :D

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