Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fine Boy, No Pimples :)

Please read the WIRED Interview of Dr. Balagadde at TED

I was just clicking around the web, saw this picture, stopped to look and who was it but dear former Caltecher, Frederick Kigali Balagadde, PhD, and now TED Fellow.

I happen to know that he don try! Remember when he was getting stupid questioning for theft and the like, because he was working all hours of the night and being black looked suspicious. (Like the renowned scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr.) I even lent him a book once. And shouted "FKB" really loudly when he graduated. Yes, yes, I'm claiming to know the guy :) I don't understand how they do all that fancy micro-fluidics stuff that they do, but I do know that he is a lovely young scientist, who is already doing great things. More power to him.

Please also read his TED Fellow profile and interview, it's a little easier to understand :)

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