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The Young Women's Knowledge and Leadership Institute (YOWLI) is one of the 3 Flagship programs of AWOMI. The other flagship programs are the African Women Economic Education and Empowerment Fund (WEFU) and the Accountability Tracking Program (ACT). YOWLI was set up to enable young women and men of African descent to widen their leadership horizons, enhance their knowledge base and actively engage in monitoring and fighting for social justice. YOWLI is a space that supports innovative ideas that challenge anti human rights strategies and propel organizing for social transformation.
This memorable event brings together every other year, during a one month training event in Senegal, young women and gender sensitive young men from Africa and its Diaspora. These young people are selected on the basis of their recognized Leadership in their communities. YOWLI participants include groups that are often excluded in international gatherings. There are representatives that are able to engage in informed discussions on different issues that hinder the growth and development of young Africans today. They include the physically challenged, those living with HIV, Human Rights activists, and young people from rural settings and informal urban settlements and those youth coming from armed conflict zones. After each YOWLI conference, one or two YOWLI graduates among those displaying the strongest leadership capacity is selected by AWOMI to join the Dakar office to contribute in the planning and organization the next YOWLI. In order to keep the momentum and support youth movement building, AWOMI supports post YOWLI activities in terms of research, information sharing, outreach and networking. AWOMI also supports YOWLI graduates in their employment search, school application and career development. Several YOWLI graduates have joined AWOMI as intern or staff members.
AWOMI hereby invites applications for the 3rd edition YOWLI to be held for 3 weeks, Dec 2010 to Jan 2011 in Senegal.

To download the application form, cliek here

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