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The Committee of the World Youth Conference 2010 welcomes the members of youth NGOs, academic institutions, and agencies and programs of the UN, and invites them to send their request for participating in the activities of the Global Interactive Forum. This space will take place from August 23th to 27th 2010.

One of the main components of the World Youth Conference 2010 is the Global Interactive Forum, which is created as a space of reunion and dialogue, so as to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and thoughts on diagnoses and needs of young people, as well as on policies, strategies and programs on youth and development. This forum will gather together young people and public in general, youth NGOs, civil society organizations that deal with youth subjects, government and academic institutions, media, public and private foundations, agencies and programs of the UN System and international organisms.

The Global Interactive Forum will be composed of three spaces to be developed simultaneously:

Informative Fair: It will be carried out with the purpose of gathering together youth NGOs, academic institutions and agencies and programmes of the UN so that they promote their objectives, proposals, and the information on each one of them. We call for the participant institutions to exchange points of view in this space.

Sustainable Commerce Fair: Here, the organizations will be able to create conscience on what they search for in youth subjects, through the selling of their products at a production cost.
Parallel Activities

Round Tables: Dialogue spaces around a subject in which the participants exchange their ideas.

Thematic Conferences: public dissertations on one of the 11 Thematic Axes of the WYC 2010.

Youth Dialogues: Meetings where the participants can discuss about interesting subjects with an auditorium that can intervene in the discussion.

Workshops: In these we will look for a dynamic participation through the construction of abilities and participative learning.

Others: If the activity that you wish to carry out is not included, please specify it here. Subject to consideration.

The requirements to participate in the Global Interactive Forum are the following:

I. To focus on youth subjects and/or to be integrated by youngsters.

II. Every activity must be related with any of the 11 Thematic Axes established as the conceptual framework of the WYC Mexico 2010, looking for equilibrium among them.

III. The application will solely be web-based through the website

IV. If you apply for more than one activity you will have to fill an application form per activity.

V. The application forms must be filled entirely, since incomplete forms will not be taken into account in the final program. No double application forms will be taken into account.

VI. The application forms shall be filled in one of the three official languages of the Conference: Spanish, English and French. Application forms in other languages will not be taken into account.

VII. Precedence will be given to the presentation of proposals carried out by two or more groups, agencies or organizations.

VIII. The person responsible for the activity shall be over 18 years old and under 35 years old to the date of registration of the activity.

The criteria of gender equality among the representatives (men and women) will be guaranteed.

Please take into account the following dates:

April 23th 2010: Call opening.

May 23th 2010: Call closure.

May 24-31 2010: Evaluation of application forms.

June 1-15 2010: Sending of notifications (selected and rejected activities)

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