Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The top 0.001% and the remaining 99.999%

I recently returned from a legislative internship programme in a State House of Assembly in Nigeria. This experience reminded me that
1. the work of government legislature is nothing but a little commonsense discussion, such that with phones and communication technology, anybody can do it and
2. the work of government legislature is not being done in Nigeria - how many people know, let alone trust, their representatives?
I do not think the representatives spent 1hour in the entire month of October working for the people of their state. But the state has given them enough money to become fine yuppies with SUVs, phones, and polo shirts?
Instead of paying for poor government, why don't we just debate things ourselves and buy something good with the money we save:
- electricity at =N=150billion naira (that is, 500 individuals' pay) per 1000MW
- education at =N=100 thousand per month per teacher and =N=100 thousand per year per child
- health care
- electoral reform

As it stands, Nigeria's Lawmakers have the highest pay in the world. I think we can get better service much cheaper. I think we need to fire them all and use our computer. (Yeah, talk in rhyme all the time)

Some may say we need to canvass for not only a minimum wage, but a maximum wage as well. One could set the maximum wage at 10 or 20 times the minimum wage. As it stands now, that ratio is about 10,000 (the highest wage of hundreds of millions per year divided by the lowest wage of tens of thousands per year)



I'll say it again, considering the lack of performance in many states and on many federal issues, it just might be time to vote out all the incumbents and not put a single familiar face except for those with a proven track record.

Nice post, sis.

Anonymous said...

....Its like paying the greedy at the needy's expense. so sad

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