Monday, June 06, 2011

Hajiya Murjanatu employs 120 selling kunu and zobo

'I engage 120 northern boys to keep them off the street'

The business she started over eight years ago with little or no capital by making kunu (a special northern drink made from corn) and zobo drink, has turned her to an employer of labour, thus contributing to the growth of the Nigerian economy in her own way.

“I started this business out of frustration when my husband stopped me from working. My husband stopped me from work in order to take care of the children while he goes out to work. I thought of how I would be sitting down without doing nothing and that was how I started making kunu, zobo and frying doughnuts, puff-puff and giving them to the boys to sell for me and gradually I started buying beverages in little quantities and later I graduated into buying from the company and today I am a major distributor for some of these companies" (...Read more at

What do you think about this entrepreneurship story? And how about the restriction on her movement?

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Anonymous said...

I really think this is a good example of why Young graduates should start thinking and stop expecting a bank job we are 140million Nigerian and we have a growing service industry my washer man is building a house with washing and ironing peoples clothes please there is dignity in labour the essence of education or university degree is to help you horn your God giving talent

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