Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What an asshole!

I can't stand assholes. Steve Jobs was said to be a monumental asshole. The times I worked with assholes, basically I felt they created more trouble than whatever positives they had. Being an asshole is really not worth it. Everybody hopes you die.

Tom McNichol writes for TheAtlantic,
So many people advanced Steve Jobs as evidence that asshole CEOs build better companies that Sutton somewhat reluctantly included a chapter in his book on "The Virtues of Assholes," with Steve Jobs as Exhibit A. There is some evidence that "status displays" by aggressive bosses can motivate workers and give slackers a kick in the pants. And effective jerk bosses usually aren't assholes all the time, they're able to turn on the charm when the situation demands it, something Steve Jobs, by most accounts, was very good at doing. And it helps for companies to have skilled subordinate executives that are good at cleaning up after the Asshole-in-Chief, much like the sad-faced men carrying shovels who walk behind circus elephants.

But Sutton's book makes clear that for the most part, assholes are bad for the bottom line, to say nothing of the human toll they exact. There are plenty of very successful companies that aren't led by assholes - Google, Virgin Atlantic, Procter & Gamble and Southwest Airlines among them. Likewise, there are legions of assholes who lead companies that aren't successful, in part due to their own bad behavior.

You should totally read the full article titled Be a Jerk: The Worst Business Lesson from the Steve Jobs Biography


Ginger said...

Sounds like sour-grapes. Meanwhile isnt he an asshole too for trying to make money over the freshly dead Jobs??

t said...

Did you ever read fakesteve? It was part of the man's reputation - he loved beautiful things and he was insensitive and demanding, let's just say. I need to get back to that stuff, it was hilarious.

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