Friday, March 29, 2013

Can My__ Make It? Part Two. But it's once again called myspace.

Make a top 10 comeback? Probably not.  But its decline has slowed in the last two years. 
Source: UpNaira July 2011 - can my__ make it?
From around #12 most popular site in the world in 2009 down down down...

Now outside the top 200, still losing ground but more slowly now.

The "new myspace" announced around September 2012, then launched in January, seems to have helped.   Here are some reviews: 
Techcrunch: Myspace squandered the only thing it had left - it deleted the f*ing fans.  Ouch. 
TopTenReviews: Myspace has been at the top of the heap of social network sites, and then on the bottom.  It is now capitalizing on its music-lover niche.
 My review
Good: I like the music and playlists and finding little-known artistes.  I like a comeback.
Bad: The login process is confusing.  Even owner-investor Justin Timberlake's latest videos are not on his profile. 

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