Friday, March 15, 2013

Enterprise on the dumpsite

You have to watch Welcome to Lagos, a BBC documentary featuring several Lagosians (notably a dude named Vocal Slender) , the massive smell-site called Olusosun, and some amazing lessons on wealth.
Continued in Parts 1.21.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6

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Vocal Projects

Vocal Slender is currently championing THREE community-based projects in his bid to contribute back to the society that developed him and also to introduce the supports that he lacked while hustling for survival.

Ghetto Love

The Ghetto Love project is a brainchild of the BBC Welcome to Lagos star, Vocal Slender, where he draws the attention of the public (locally & internationally) to the plight and sufferings of the Ghetto children & youth in Ajegunle slum in Lagos, Nigeria where the one-time scavenger was born & bred.

Vocal Slender uses his influence to appeal to the elites to donate their children’s used clothes, bags, shoes, toys, books and other life-sustaining items that may be of benefit to the people living in the Ghetto. This platform is also an opportunity for corporate bodies to render their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to the community. The event is usually a mix of fun, entertainment and charity as many Ajegunle artistes perform to entertain the children and their families.

The first Ghetto Love event was held on the 8th November 2011 during the Konto Video Shoot where loads of children came in their numbers to be part of the video and were blessed with free food, clothes, shoes, etc.

The second was held during the 2012 Valentine Season (18th February) and it was used to show love to the Ghetto children. The high point of the second edition was the giving of scholarship to Gloria Peters, a 15 year old orphan who never went through primary school but was admitted into high school class 1(JSS1).

The next event will be announced subsequently. Are you interested in supporting the Ghetto Love project? Kindly send a mail to

Vocal Slender Schools Tour (VSST)

Vocal Slender visits schools to motivate students with his ‘NOT GIVING UP’ approach to life and pursuing his passion. His touching story is enough to bring back the dead dreams of the average student.

This avenue creates an informal setting for students to be educated and exposed to the challenges of the outside world. They get the opportunity to ask mind-bothering questions & form a new path for their lives.

The first Vocal Slender Schools Tour was held at the University of Lagos, Akoka at the Department of Social Works, Faculty of Arts, on November 24th 2012 where over 200 Social Works students were inspired by the experience.

If you want Vocal Slender to visit your school, kindly send an invitation email to

Ajegunle Music Festival

This platform is solely to showcase the wealth of untapped musical talents embedded in Ajegunle to the world. This will comprise bringing the up and coming Ajegunle artistes on the same stage with the known and established ones to aid cordiality and expose them to vast opportunities ahead of them as the audience will consist of record label owners, management companies, publicists, corporate companies, etc.

The first edition is currently been planned and the date will be released to the public soon.

Interested in participating or supporting the Ajegunle Music Festival? Kindly send a mail to

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