Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crazy about education

"Many schools that currently lack sufficient textbooks could soon access the world’s best educational content on affordable tablets or e‑books; teachers, too, will benefit from more effective training. The technology-related productivity gains in education could reach $30 billion to almost $70 billion—enabling governments to achieve more with their education budgets and providing millions of students with the foundation for a better future."

in Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

This is what teachers should be doing now, online teacher-training experiences.  Cheap or free, world-class, and supported by public and private organizations.  Not to over-promise, but it's the path to modern classrooms - modernizing our teachers' tools and orientation is an efficient path to delivering education that works.
Details and Modules: The Commonwealth Education Trust invests in primary and secondary education and the professional development of teachers throughout their careers. Through education it seeks to enhance the opportunities for children from all walks of life to contribute to the sustainable development of their communities. 
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction
FTL 2: Being a Teacher
FTL 3: Learners and Learning
FTL 4: Curriculum
FTL 5: Planning for Teaching and Learning
FTL 6: Introduction to Student Assessment    
FTL 7: Being a Professional 
FTL 8: Developing Relationships

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