Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What's it like on Mara Mentor?

Over 100,000 facebook likes, and it offically launched just last week.
Mara Mentor is an application you can use to connect with a mentor in business.  That is, you can easily volunteer to be a mentor, or sign up to be mentored by other people that you look up to.
It seems like a really cool idea.  I just want to know if you've tried it yet.  Thanks.
More from the mara-foundation.org website:
Mara Mentor is an online community that connects ambitious entrepreneurs with experienced and inspiring business leaders. The initiative encourages idea and knowledge sharing among Africa’s most promising young entrepreneurs, inspiring a collaborative approach to business start-up and growth. Mara Mentor has been created to empower Africa’s youth in their business endeavours, in recognition that they are the driving force behind the continent’s growth and future prosperity.
Mentees are encouraged to interact with the online community by:

  • Raising a question
  • Kick-starting a discussion
  • Reaching out for personalised advice
Mentees can use the platform to showcase their business ideas and seek out like-minded individuals to identify new business opportunities. Over the next few months, Mara Mentor will be developing a full range of online training materials, including free guides and tools for start-up businesses, along with a series of inspiring videos and articles from Mara’s Mentors.
Mara Mentor gives successful and experienced business leaders an opportunity to give back to Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurs and play a part in the development of the African continent. Mentors are encouraged to share general business tips and resources, get involved in discussions and offer one-on-one advice to those that need it. Whether they log in every day or dedicate an afternoon once a month, Mentors will be inspired by the great minds of Africa’s entrepreneurs – they are, after all, the future of Africa.
Mara Mentor can be accessed via the website and an app available on iPhones, Blackberry, Android and many Nokia smart phones. Simply download from iTunes, Blackberry, Google Play, Samsung Apps or Nokia Ovi.
In addition to the online mentorship, Mara Foundation offers One-on-One mentorship in Kampala (Uganda) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). For more information regarding these programmes please follow this link.

Also see a history; more from the 2012 preview: Young African Millionaire Launches Mara.com, Africa's First Online Mentorship Network, by Mfonobong Nsehe for forbes.com

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