Friday, January 16, 2015

Motivation: Leading CEOs, Leading tech billionaires, Leading websites, ...

From this best CEOs of 2014 list :
5. Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts
What did Wilson do? First and foremost, Wilson spearheaded a corporate culture change centred on being “Player-First”. This translates into a strategy that is more in line with customer expectations by offering more free-to-play games with in-app purchase opportunities.
4. John Martin, Gilead Sciences $84,000 drug will get all sorts of people, and governments, upset about price gouging, 
...but the net-net is ... $8.5bn in sales during its first nine months. 
In a tough business environment, Martin managed to lead Gilead via value-based pricing strategies, successful drug launches and a promising drug pipeline.
3.  Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba
...the largest IPO the world has ever seen, raising $25bn in the process. 
...the world’s biggest e-commerce company, generating 2014 sales double that of Amazon and eBay combined
...also on the way to becoming one of the biggest banks in China through its Alipay app.
2. Kevin Plank, Under Armour 
...four straight quarters of more than 30% growth and 18 straight quarters of more than 20% growth.
... just surpassed Adidas, now second only to Nike in the US
1. Elon Musk
Heads two innovative companies: Tesla and SpaceX
Tesla electric-cars are more and more popular, while SpaceX cut down the price of satellite launches to $100m, got a $2.6bn contract from NASA to carry US astronauts to and from orbit, after demonstrating several successful missions in 2014

Which sites were popular in 2014?
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Also from the BBC, how many internet billionaires are there?  More than 20 are profiled here.

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