Thursday, April 09, 2015

Where the world is going

The Sustainable development goals (2015 - 2030)
are to be determined in meetings and international consultations before the end of 2015.
Picking up where the MDGs left off, the SDGs will guide international development for the next 15 years.
Proposed Sustainable Development Goals, February 2015
In summary, the target is basic provision (of food and health for instance) for more people as in the MDGs (see chart), but now we want to cover 'all' people while taking environmental and social costs into account (via peace, pollution, equality, community, ...)  Anyway, the goals are still being worked on.

I don't see 'decent work for all' being possible unless we create new sinks for human effort, or redefine and share/distribute work. (See 'The world can afford to shrink the workweek')

As a complement to this, we need to promote play.  How best to do so?
We have earned the right to leisure, it would seem, with all our work-saving machines.  Let them work.
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t said...

The TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE, its what, why and how, is the subject of this article I found on McKinsey Insights online, titled Business and Society in the Coming Decades.

by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and SVP of sustainability Kathleen McLaughlin.
In the long term, a company’s business interests and the interests of society converge. Companies, communities, individuals, and governments: we are all interdependent. Every healthy, high-performing company has an obligation to use its strengths to help society, and each can do so in ways that enhance the viability of the business, too. From how products are grown and made to how they’re transported and sold, companies can pursue innovative new methods and processes that provide lasting benefits to their stakeholders and to the communities in which they operate. Large-scale change does not happen overnight, but the stakes and potential benefits are immense.

This essay is from Perspectives on the Long Term: Building a Stronger Foundation for Tomorrow, a book published by Focusing Capital on the Long Term. For more information about FCLT, an initiative cofounded by McKinsey & Company and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, visit the FCLT website.

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