Monday, September 07, 2015

50% of the world's population is under 30

...but you're never too old to be a Nigerian youth.

Apparently, there are 7 classes of job interview (weed-out-phase) candidates in Nigeria.    
The Older Candidates (Agadi ekwe nka) - The tests...are usually supposed to be for entry level jobs. Yet, I see men and women who are obviously in their late thirties or early forties at the venue...  The Big Boiz and Gehz - These people come with their cars, and are always blasting loud playing music. They are the people sitting in their A.C cars, eating ice cream...from The Seven Types of Recruitment Test Candidates in Nigeria. click and enjoy, too funny.

If that didn't make you laugh, then (tough customer) hold on tight, get to know Frank Donga, the perpetual job-seeker.   

from this humble beginning

he even tried for a loan

he sort of owns his own business

Yes, Frank Donga is an entrepreneur.
he tweets @frankdonga_
There are MORE FRANK DONGA VIDEOS  on the web.

References: World Median Age
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