Friday, September 04, 2015

Linda Ikeji went through a lot

A lot of needless hardship.
It's a long story, juicy, inspirational, ...
 and I hope it makes you say, on behalf of struggling people all over Africa and the world:

Please read:
What inspired 'I'd Rather Be Self Made'...the day I was picked up by Special Fraud Unit...:-), at LindaIkeji's blog
"Before I became the popular blogger that I am today, I was a struggling entrepreneur. I started my modeling career in 1998 before I turned 18 and started my company Blackdove Communications in 2004 when I was just 23+. Blackdove was a modeling agency/events company and I operated from a 2-room office in Jibowu, Yaba for almost three years.

In 2006, I decided to try something that I'd always wanted to do - become a magazine publisher...

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