Monday, November 09, 2015

Will you like to know your MoneyType?

Make sure you get the comprehensive report at the end; it's cool.  

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t said...

My Money Type is :
Producer / Visionary / Nurturer
because my moneytype report shows
Producer 75%, Visionary 72%, Nurturer 72%, Independent 50%, Epicure 29%

t said...

I did it again, and am still "The Producer"


Not much changed since Nov 9 in a test that involves answering 40 5-choice questions. Wowed at the stable results. Take the Money Type quiz too.

t said...

Connecting with @KanyeWest this past week woke up the epicurean desires in me. Lol, what was that he said? "They ain't never seen Versace sofas" :) I usually think things are silly, but I like Kanye so much that I thought about how a love of beauty and creativity can result in a love of expensive, designer-branded things.

Otherwise I'd say the good life, the best life even, can be had at a great (low) price. You just have to know how to shop right.

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