Thursday, June 23, 2016

Work stories that you'll love

She makes footwear.  Lagos.  
+ DESIGN Each piece is carefully  designed, ensuring the physical elements of the Kene Rapu aesthetic is present in each design. We aim to produce designs featuring clean shapes and clean edges, which are very much fuss- free and always trendy. 
+ PROCESS All our footwear is produced in Nigeria,for the global community. Each slipper is carefully handcrafted by a local craftsman in Nigeria, using materials sourced from the local markets. KR Neons, our flip flop line, are also proudly made in Nigeria.
+ CULTURE There has been a resurgence in the love for afro-centric clothing and accessories. As we continually aim to promote our African heritage, we are always excited to partner with other emerging African brands with global appeal.   
 - Kene Rapu Enterprise, video via BellaNaija and Diamond TV


She makes apparel.  Accra.  

"On today's episode of Platinum standard, we have Aisha Ayensu, the founder and creative director of the Ghanaian fashion label Christie Brown. She tells us the stories and inspiration behind the Christie Brown label and where the journey has taken her so far."  More from NdaniTV.  More about Christie Brown. Shop the clothing.

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