Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Urban Hospitality in 1983, or Hit the Road, Jack

I just found a most vivid and enjoyable description of Lagos, Nigeria. It was written by a guy who visited in 1983 from the States with the goal of filming Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He also has pictures that I really like. Read the journal. Warning: This is a long piece that takes about a half hour to read.


Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

I bought and watched a documentary recommended to me by a friend on Fela. It is called "Music is the Weapon" It is a must watch...very educative, with live performances and interview of Baba 70. I am an ardent fan and thanks for bringing baba alive again! (Who said baba died of HIV? Na baba time come Ojare..just kidding!)

t said...

thank God for Fela.
original crase man.
I'm pretty sure he has a song called crase man. or was it crase world, as in "na crase world be that"

Shola said...

Watching Jim Cramer's mad money - it is about making money and not making friends

Adedayo! said...


Tosin..that track where he said craze man was beast of No Nation...I really didn't that the writer went thru anything that any other person will not go thru when u are travelling to another country for the first time..all in all it was an apt discription of Lagos at that time..and i can assure him that it was like London then compared to Now....but i know undoubtedly that Nigeria will be great again...!!


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