Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Corporate Finance in a Nutshell

This is the best summary of corporate finance that I have ever seen, hence I want to share it with you. While you might not agree with the relevance, let me start by saying a lot of the underlying effect of what we see in the stock market is influenced by the principles of corporate finance. And individuals can do well for their own financial well being by understanding the interrelationships between their
  1. Investment decisions
  2. Financing decisions and
  3. Dividend decisions


t said...

Nice summary. Thank you for posting.
Are you studying / doing corporate finance at the moment?
I removed the URL at the end (hope you don't mind) for formatting reasons.

Shola said...

Well I had studies corporate finance in b-school (didn't like it at the time - I generally don't like things others decide I should know :) ) however, I am learning it all over again, for fun and as a student of economics in general.

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

I cannot share with you enough disdain I have for share buy backs especially by big corporations involved in the commodity, retail or consumer discretionary sectors. Investors wont necessarily use their money to buy the stocks of some of all these dead beat, growth lacking companies (staffed with greedy and ineffective CEOs most of the time). Return my money to me in form of dividends..forget the tax man...with capital gains tax at all time low of 15% , I would share my gain with IRS in a heartbeat instead of doing thesame with wall street....what do u think?

t said...

I understand what you're saying in the literal sense, Busayo...are there instances (that really irk you) of share buybacks gone wrong, like in the news or something...

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