Thursday, August 25, 2005

May-August 2005

Greetings. I promised to write occasional summaries/letters. I'll use this space, then, to highlight a few threads that a new user may use to sample the site.
1. Concepts in finance, notably Shola's post on corporate finance and Ogo on how to invest.
2. The people on Money Talk (write about yourself here, and see here), and some of their thoughts on money.
3. News about Nigeria's debt relief, and an independent power plant.
4. Economic Development (let's keep the discussion going), and a movie showcasing African entrepreneural life.
5. Stock mania: Google, the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and Jim Cramer the maniac.
6. Plus links on etiquette, Lagos for tourists, Iraq banking; announced my car for sale.
That's what we've talked about in less than three months. Sweet! Thanks to all. Let's keep talking.
Peace. Tosin.

Additional announcements:
If you'll like to have a link to your site included, please let me know, and please post or email me feedback about the format or usability or content.
Finally, I know we're here to "...get and share ideas and support on money, career, business, and economic development" but permit me to link for your enjoyment a purely abstract essay on globalization (Adedayo! and I have been emailing about language and language conservation recently; this essay is related.)


Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

Intellectual disagreement with globalization would not is like resisting a rising tide. The fundamental interconnectivity of all people and the survival instinct of the people of the world to avoid a malthusian future would inevitably streghten the hands of globalization. Hence, the debate should focus on how to make globalization equitable and the ill effects minimal. The Globe where the strong protects the weak, and the rich share with the poor would make the world stronger, better and well of.

t said...

Dear Busayo,
You know, your comments are very meaningful - the strong protect the weak, the rich share with the poor - if that happened more and more, how much better...

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