Friday, May 31, 2013

Nigeria breasts the tape


Humble web forum will be the first Naija website to crack the top 1000 by Alexa's ranking of 3-month average traffic.
More local sites will follow, as cheaper internet access (smarter phones for less, ISPs lowering rates) helps pump up the user base for all. By the way, around May 2011, when I worked at, we cracked the 5,000 ranking and "top 1000" quickly became the (quite achievable) mission, but the parent NEXT had to go and die that summer.  Bummer.

Other African sites in the top 1000:
Gumtree (South African marketplace à la craigslist), and a trio of Arabic-language Egyptian sites (youm7 - news service, fatakat- shopping, and  myegy - entertainment). 

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