Friday, May 24, 2013

Nigeria is a certificate country?

Arrange in order of importance, placing the most important first:
Competence, Connections, Certificates.

Just your honest opinion, please. 


t said...

This just in from Eniola:
"...Of course some portions of nigeria are status quo. Certificate country - not a 100%."

I've heard the same thing from another classmate Elesie. It's like multiple systems operating side by side.


t said...

Check this formula out:
Competence alone will get you self-employed.
Competence + Connection , you can get any job you want. In fact, the job will find you, aka HEADHUNTED. You may choose to build businesses and institutions, all classified here under jobs.

Connection alone will make you corrupt. And yea, you shall be spewed out on the last day.
Connection + Certificate however will get you one of the few jobs around.

Certificates alone are useless. 1. Because they can't always be verified as signals of competence due to uneven quality, forgery/dishonesty, etc and 2. because there is an excess of certificates over the number of jobs. We actually need people to create jobs, if not for others at least for themselves.

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