Tuesday, March 01, 2016

HFM Shares, Anyone?

Over the weekend, I got to tick off another item on my MBA Bucket List - Join a study group.
Technically, I joined the study group almost immediately the MBA began. I was also nominated to serve as Group Leader during the first semester. 
There are ten of us in the Group, representing a cross-section of industries and functional areas: Mobolaji (Oil and Gas), Gbenga (Banking), Francis (Manufacturing) Hillary (Dredging and Marine Services), Maria (Renewable Energy), Comfort (Non-Profit), Chinedu (Financial Services), Akinwale (Public Service), Ambrose (I.C.T), Femi (Financial Services) and Babatunde (Investment Management)
We have lively sessions every weekend (solving cases, making presentations, analyzing business problems etc). Last weekend, we made a mock presentation aimed at convincing each other to invest in shares.
Here's the video of my presentation: Honeywell Flour Mills Pitch.


t said...

must be fun.

Glory Enyinnaya said...

And a lot of work too, dear!

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