Monday, March 14, 2016

Redefining PR

I'm stealing this Chude Jideonwo piece on what he calls Empowerment PR.  Please steal it too and share...
Chude Jideonwo, photographed by TY Bello
 "There is an entire continent of young people – and other demographics – whose lives are hard, who need real help, who desperately deserve to be empowered. They want people, and institutions who care about their lives, their contexts, their futures."
The RED Media partners Chude and Debola, on the cover of This Day Style
"Brands need to begin to think of a new quid quo pro – empowerment in exchange for brand loyalty. The kind that audiences can believe in, and that can build a lifetime connection."

Full article: Redefining PR with Chude Jideonwo : Let's have a conversation about Empowerment PR

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