Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Internet Disservice

Do you consider 1kb/s to be internet service? I don't. Shouldn't we be suing for non-service AND discomfort? Really - when I should be sleeping I'm there trying again and again to load a small page that may not come for thirty tries.
And we have a consumer protection council o.

With the two new submarine cables (Main One + Glo One), the increased capacity is literally on our shores, it's just up to someone to distribute/retail it.


DonCasiragi said...

Watsup with the retailing? Looks like the infrastructure folks (Main One & Glo) are not doing good of a job of pushing this through. Even the corporations don't seem to be adopting the new broadband on our shores. Too slow to start? 4G Swift is a retailer right?

t said...

Slowly but surely...

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