Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lagos Survival Guide

2011 Liveabililty Ranking and Overview has rated Lagos as the world's fourth worst city of 140 cities surveyed. Some of us have to live in Lagos. Here's how to stay zen through it all:
1. Live near work
Eschew the commute. You don't want to be like the mumu who saved money on housing only to lose it all on fuel and auto-mechanics. Or the other mugu who falls asleep at work everyday after spending four hours a day in traffic.
2. Serviced flat
You could be your own maigadi, generator operator, water pumper, and maintenance staff rolled in one. Or you could have your estate manager do it for you. This could mean staying in a hostel that has services covered for cheap. It doesn't have to be one of those million-million Ikoyi houses.
3. Other?


Anonymous said...

Nice one..
this will take a lot of determination for those of us whose lives are already patterned in certain way to change.
Hmm..It'll be nice to stop being a 'mumu'.

Anonymous said...

Please, where can you find serviced hostels in Nigeria? The problem is you move close to work and then soon after, you have to change jobs...for various reasons. And you've paid for two years...

t said...

My dear, I know. The month I moved within walking distance of my job, they stopped (STOPPED!) paying salaries. Just like that.
New regulations say you need pay rent for only one year MAX, though I already paid two.
Catching my breath now, and enjoying my apartment. Guess I'll have to move again soon.

Anonymous said...

I cant phantom the two hr commute to save money. I recently moved to the island, and there is nothing sweeter than waking up @ 7am to get to work in marina for 8. compared to when i used to leave home @ 6.30 and still get to work late. I am a lot broker, but a lot happier.

t said...

add inverter ( I had one throughout, almost throughout 2011-2017). Never bought a gen. Nowadays, I'll say add solar. To make it work for you, you need clever wiring to bypass your fridges and powerful equipment. Or if you're more minimalist (like me) DO WITHOUT the heavy equipment, give them away, and keep your space energy-efficient with low-power appliances, modern lightbulbs, etc, and you can just use solar/inverter and almost ignore NEPA/PHCN.

Visit Website said...

Your article is very helpful for me, I will follow your instruction. Thank you.

t said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm so glad to know that you found this article helpful.

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