Sunday, February 27, 2011

Naija 7 Wonders

African Travel Quarterly recently launched a search for the Seven Wonders of Nigeria. They now have a shortlist of twenty-five attractions. I wish I could visit all of them.
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SMS Code - Establishment
Naija7*1 - National War Museum, Abia State
Naija7*2 - Sukur Kingdom, Adamawa State
Naija7*3 - Ogbunike Cave, Anambra State
Naija7*4 - Yankari Reserve, Bauchi State
Naija7*5 - Carnival Calabar, Cross River State
Naija7*6 - The Monoliths (Alok & Ikom), Cross River State
Naija7*7 - Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River State
Naija7*8 - National Museum, Cross River State
Naija7*9 - Nana of Koko Museum, Delta State
Naija7*10 - Benin Heritage Sites (Moat & Palace), Edo State
Naija7*11 - Ikosogi Spring, Ekiti State
Naija7*12 - Abuja Mosque, Federal Capital Territory
Naija7*13 - Kano Heritage Sites (Walls & Palace) & Durbar Festival, Kano State
Naija7*14 - Confluence/Mount Patti, Kogi State
Naija7*15 - Owu falls, kwara State
Naija7*16 - Badagry Colonial Sites (Slave Relics & First Story Building), Lagos State
Naija7*17 - Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos State
Naija7*18 - Farin Ruwa- Nassarawa State
Naija7*19 - Gurara falls, Niger State
Naija7*20 - Kainji Dam, Niger State
Naija7*21 - Winners Chapel, Ogun State
Naija7*22 - Idanre, Ondo State
Naija7*23 - Osun grove, Osun State
Naija7*24 - IITA, Oyo State
Naija7*25 - Gashaka Gumti/Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State

By March they will be narrowed down to fifteen, and the top 7 will be presented in July. I promise to at least visit the final seven. Props to Ikechi Uko of ATQ for the dogged hardwork it's taken to get Seven Wonders this far.


t said...

Remember Seven Wonders 2009? And tourism update 2010? Well someone had the same idea. Love it.

Anonymous said...

No Olumo Rock?

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