Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Papa Mosquito

I have tried different insecticide sprays recently in a vain attempt to combat mosquitoes in my sleeping area. The sprays however kill cockroaches and others without fail. But mosquitoes? No way, Jose.
Even if you pick one mosquito and spray a quarter-can right at it, you will end up at best with a stunned mosquito on the floor, ready to resurrect dramatically at any moment. Usually preceded by a violent spin (who watched Fadeyi Oloro in those days?)
When someone told me about the resurrection, I thought it was impossible at first, then I observed it with my own eyes. You literally have to squash the mosquito yourself to ensure that it's dead.

Last night, I slept with a mosquito coil for the first time in decades. Slept like a baby. Now (almost 6am) the coil is burned out, and the single mosquito knows where to find me.
All this education, and we are helpless against mosquitoes! Here are some tips:
Attack the sources of mosquitoes - breeding grounds, like the clogged canal by my window.
Chemical killers - for now, it seems these mosquitoes have got resistance
Bug zappers - One, there's no electricity, and two I read they're more effective against moths and other insects that are attracted to light
Mosquito coils - I guess it masks the "smell" - mosquitoes are attracted to your CO2, that's how they track their food. I imagine incense would work well too.
Mosquito nets - I've seen people refuse to use the net because of the heat. Me I couldn't be bothered to net up, it's inconvenient.
Biological - Malaria vaccine, Sterilizing mosquitoes, who knows what.

It seems there's an opportunity to design and disseminate good mosquito solutions. For one thing, I love the construction going on near my house, but they've blocked the water flow for so long and it has become mosquito carnival.

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