Thursday, October 22, 2015

Because traffic is killing, because 5-days a week is so 20th century, because why is there a crater in the middle of the highway, because we may really need to make the meetings snappy, because weren't all these gadgets supposed to raise human productivity, because whatever happened to just chilling, because let's spread the work around so we won't have so many unemployed...

It's Thursday. We're almost there.
Then rinse, repeat.

Whose idea was the 40-hour workweek, anyway?  Hint, it's why we celebrate Worker's Day, aka my birthday :)

And how long before 40-hours-a-week goes the way of the pocket calculator? Hint: as soon as people decide they can tolerate the change.  Who would you be without a job, without the predictability of a daily commuteEverybody's doing it, so it must be right, right?
 Even CNBC, which must surely hold the usual mainstream business media bias, snuck in a story, courtesy of Larry Page's comments
Next time you get a query about skipping work to get that extra sleep, play with the kids, enjoy the neighbourhood, or just get a slow haircut and manicure, just point to this page or this one and tell'em: I'm in the Future.

Just kidding.
Sort of.
We're almost there.  
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t said...

More readings:
1. What Larry said and what his critics said

2. Labour history and the eight-hour-workday

3. Constructive and critical pointers on implementing the shortened workweek (Wharton Knowledge)

t said...

Carlos Slim says the same thing: Shorten the workweek (to three days).

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