Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bye Bye Goldman, Uncle Ben Blues

Thanks to Uncle Ben's omnious comments, Goldman Sachs has now broken the rules, which is, down 3% and you are gonners.
In my guts I will not want to sell this stock, I think it is a good holding and the performance of the underlying company has not been bad either.
But this is the reality of the discipline of trading that I am trying to learn in the game (CNBC contest), have a simple set of rules, stick to them and trust your guts.

A lot of things I have been reading lately, leads to the conclusion, independent thinkers and travellers win, even if they don't win on other people's measurement, they win having done it their way.

Mundane Report:
I am still top 25%, wilth only about 45K gain in my porfolio, which means people are not gaining that much more. However, due to the selling rules I am now sitting in ~50% cash, which means I have to go shopping again, maybe by the weekend.

If you have a strategy for reading how the market is going to perform one or two weeks out, please share :)


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