Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CNBC Challenge - What I hope to learn

Currently ranked top 4% with a one day $10,430 gain, I feel pretty cool for a minute. [ I know there are at least 80,000 people in the competition] however, this is probably as high as I would get. Why? I realize that to win in this kind of competition one has to use an extreme strategy.
An effective strategy will be, some like buying the lowest stock price that is available (you can't trade penny stocks), that you think, will go up the highest in the next day or two, be fully invested and dump it, when you have your gain.

I may be wrong, but we'll see. What I hope to learn though is - what kind of return can one get from an aggressive/safety strategy. Slightly diversified, but go for battered stocks and dump anything that looses more than 5%.

Todays Trades & Why
CRM ( - Software as a Service is huge and I expect some recovery from recent beatdowns.
CSL (Carlisle) - A secret hedge fund, try to get a clean image, something tells me these guys have something up thier sleeves
NXG (Northgate) & OXY (Occidental) - now that it is all about subprime lenders, time to get into Natural resources

My goal is to be 85-95% fully invested, so I still have some more shopping to do. I will keep y'all posted and do post your own trades.


DonCasiragi said...

Your strategy is you pointed out only extreme strategies, bet and luck can make you a winner..imagine being 70% invested in a takeover target- now that is what I call kaching. Can we suggest plays for you?

Shola said...

Absolutely, please feel free to give me suggestions.

t said...

Whoa! I'm impressed.
I did the Mad money one last year, when I knew much less about investing/trading. This year, thought I'd watch others...there's enough excitement in the currency markets...and top four percent is impressive.

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