Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting around Upnaira

By Topic
T1 - Labels
At bottom of page or bottom of each post, see topical labels like tourism or blog-admin? Click on those words to see all posts about the same topic.
T2 - Summaries
Use periodical summaries like this one to see what was covered in the discussions for that multi-month period. Click on the links (words in bold) to go to the full post.
T3 - Search
Type in a keyword in the navbar above the page to the left, and click Search Blog to use google to search for posts in this blog that contain the search term.
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By Date
D1 - Archives
At bottom of page, see months like March 2007? Click to see only the posts in that month.
D2 - Recent Comments Feed
In the sidebar, click on Recent Comments to see most recent comments.
D3 - Recent Posts Feed
In the sidebar, click on Recent Posts to see a Table of Contents listing just recent post titles.

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