Friday, March 30, 2007

AFRICA - Open for Business

I saw the clip of a movie on Africa, open for business on
It is a worldbank sponsored documentary showcasing 10 African Entrepreneurs from 10 countries, showing what is possible.
you can also check it out at -


t said...

1. Last year, Max wrote the following post on the IT aspect of Africa's start-up business potential
READ Africa Ready for E-Business and follow many of the links to other powerful articles on entrepreneurism.

2. The Africa Open for Business video clip is such a captivating piece that it's been on upnaira more than once. See this post from the blogs earliest days. It's about time I watched the whole film...

3. In other news, I'm finally experimenting with Google Adsense, allowing a box of advertising on the Recent Comments page at
We'll see how that goes.


Benin "Mwangi" said...


Adsense, cool. Since, starting mine I havent paid attention to the reports for TBE. But other folks who use it say great things about it.

Also, will be sure to check out Max's Africa Ready for E-Busines. Sounds very informative.


Great post. Isn't that an inspiring story? The fellow from the Congo with the cell phone business and the Nigerian business lady with childeren's clothes still stand out in my mind. And also the Somalian airline company.

Thanks for the post.


t said...

Now AdSense is up both here and on the Recent Comments page. We'll see how the experiment goes.

Max The IT pro said...

Hi T! Thanks for mentioning me. Well, it's now going on 17 MONTHS since I flew out of Montreal on a *laughs* 1 week business trip to Kenya. And I was only told to come along about 6 days before that. Yes, I always saw those negative commercials on TV (World Vision, etc.) and I was very content just living my life going to Electronic Dance Music raves and what not every weekend. But once I got here, I saw so much POTENTIAL and I just couldn't leave after a week. As they say, "the rest is history." I've learnt a lot over the past year and I'm confident that I have a pulse on what's going on over here from a business point of view. I just wish more of my very educated Afro-Canadian/American buddies would come down here with their skillz, and seek their fortune.

Max The IT pro said...

One other thing. I have dreams too. I wish one day for all sub-saharan Africa to be one big UNION like the EU where the onest is on one strong central government and 1 unifying army. Next, all independent "states" would take a good hard look at themselves and decide what their main economic assets. Some should grow lots of food. Others should focus on manufacturing, processing resources, while other focus on knowledge industries. There should be national rail links throughout these regions to promote trade, tourism etc. And water resources should be used and allocated INTELLIGENTLY. Of course, hemp should be a big part of this union. Well, it's just a thought.

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