Monday, April 02, 2007

Lessons Learnt

It is week 4, of the CNBC stock contest, and although not close to the leaders by any stretch of the imagination, it is time to take stock of lessons learnt so far.

  1. Invest, with professionals - except one develops discipline in terms of time and approach to the stock market, my level of interest will vary a lot. Hence, real money is better of with a professional, even if you think you can beat the professionals.
  2. Invest play money yourself and use it as a benchmark against the professionals managing your money. With a return of 4.7% in 4 weeks, if my real money works that hard, I will be happy.
  3. Have a clear strategy, be disciplined and follow your own compass, sticking to my rules, have produced consistent, if not spectacular returns and most importantly they have allowed me not to loose money.

Sure, there are many more lessons to come and I will keep y'all posted.
current return 4.7%, ranking -top 22%.

Help - If you are aware of leading indicator of how the market will do in the next week or so timeframe, please share it with me. Including ideas like measuring overall options play etc.


Odegle said...

i just got to know about your blog today courtesy of the comment you left on mine. i must say you have got a nice blog here. am glad i stopped by and hope to make it a regular one


7 said...

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To your success,bye.

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