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Ki le nwi nipa NEPA (What are y'all saying about NEPA?)

Found on radioabeokuta's site,
This is real! Whatchyu gonna do?

P.S. I still have a sense of humour :)


t said...

I believe the author of this complaint is an ex-classmate from the eighties :)
Same complaints people have in 2007.

Source: ThisDay newspaper
Dateline: 15/11/2004 23:36:32

Okota NEPA Office Stinks
Permit me to use your medium to lodge a complaint about the high level of corruption in the NEPA Zonal office Okota. I have lodged so many complain of power outage in Canal estate, precisely Adesinadenugba close, Benson Ojukwu close and Chidiokafor close. Since 1999, we have had to do year in year out with low voltage. My appeal to NEPA (undertaken, Gideon Okota) was a night-mare as these officers from manager to security man will never move until you drop "something" substantial depending on the nature of the fault and its location. I then carried my complaint to the District office, the story was hell. Right from the District manager to the guys in the Control Room are corrupt. Could you believe the community had to raise money, put pressure on them before we got a transformer at Chidi Okafor junction? Now to change the conductors they said, we must "shake body". I spoke to a senior Engineer on phone on this situation and he promised to look into it. I complained to the PRO, Okota District office and nothing was done. I equally spoke to the former GM Distribution, Lagos Eng. Okeke on a sunday evening over the phone and nothing was done.

Can you imagine that these NEPA guys met with some landlords in the estate and gave them a list of materials to buy. The issue is that NEPA Okota is so corrupt that I doubt if the ICPC can redeem it.

I am forced to write this so that the people in authority can see what we are going through. At 7 p.m every night electricty supply to this area will go off and this has been going on since August last year, now it's 7p.m to 12 midnight and 7a.m to 2p.m everyday yet not one explanation for these outages. But on Okota-Ago road, power supply hardly blinks. I was made to understand that the people in this area settle well. This was disclosed to me by an insider in NEPA District office Okota road. I appeal to the District manager to do something because the next time I write, I will list the names of these corrupt officers if nothing urgent is done.

# Kenneth Egboh, Lagos.

umc said...

T :) you've searched every nook and cranny for the NEPA thing;

And a funny one there on the Power the video.

On my part I'm confident the Electricity problem would be largely solved in specific areas, no mater how small it starts.
IPP's are coming up.

t said...

Nice. I love the optimism. I hope you're right!

t said...

Generation Licences
NERC licenses 4 electricity companies
• Nuclear plants to generate 1,000MW by 2017

From Juliana Taiwo in Abuja, 06.20.2007
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) yesterday disclosed that it has granted generation licences to 20 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that would generate 8,237.50 megawatts by 2010.

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The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ransome Owan, disclosed this at the occasion of the Commission’s sensitisation and customer awareness campaign briefing while presenting four licences to four IPPs in the quest of NERC to fulfil its mandate to make electricity “available, safe, reliable and affordable”.

In a related development, the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC) has disclosed plans to generate at least 1,000 megawatts of electricity from nuclear power plants by 2017.

Those that received their licences yesterday are Shell Petroleum Development Company which will generate 642 Mw from Afam in Rivers state; Ibafo Power Station Limited based in Ibafo, Ogun State with a capacity 200 MW, Westcom Technolgies and Energy Services with a combined capacity 50MW at Buena Vista Estate, Lekki, Lagos and the same Westcom Technologies and Energy Services Limited based in Maya Ajegunle, in Ogun State, is expected to produce 1000MW and Hudson Power Limited, stationed in Wara, Ogun State, licensed for 50MW. Read More

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