Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Learning requires focus and attention

CNBC Contest
With a return of about 7% in 6 weeks, the return on this contest is not bad, however, it is the lack of focus and concentration that is preventing me from optimizing my learning. Hence, let professionals manage your real money or you can get burned easy.

Currently I am in the top 18% with a 7.68% return.

Sold a bunch for violating the 3% loss rule, so with about 500K in cash, I had to shop. Now having the time and inclination to do serious research, I chose the following for the following reasons:

AUY ( Gold is a measure of safety, when high oil prices leads to inflationary pressures)
DVN (Possible takeover target in the energy sector)
GT (Tyres is a sector, I wish I have stayed in since the beginning)
? - I need a biotech stock, so I will look around for something I like today.


t said...

I kinda agree with your point about how it seems like a little more effort would go a long way to improve returns in trading.
7% in 6 weeks is NOT bad, even for professionals. Keep up the good play.

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