Friday, April 27, 2007

Nigeria's near future

Yar'adua campaign video. He is to succeed as the next President of Nigeria.
Part One: Power supply is #1 priority.           Part Two: Focus on eradicating poverty.
Good politics articulates the desires of a people. We've seen clear articulation in the video!
Better politics focuses resources (people/institutions, money/materials, technology) effectively to meet set goals. Is this a good time for optimism?


umc said...

First,Musa Yar'adua has to be sworn in May 29. There are still protests of Election irregularities going on;however a change of government is generally, in the early days of the new government or much further, a good time for optimism.

Shola said...

Do I hear - marketing?

t said...

Hehe, Shola, now I finally see what you mean :)

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